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Optoelectronics & Communications

Silicon photonics platform


Imec announces the release of its fully integrated silicon photonics platform (iSiPP25G) for high-performance optical transceivers (25Gb/s and beyond). Imec's portfolio includes low loss (2.5dB/cm) strip waveguides, highly efficient grating couplers (2.5dB insertion loss), high-speed (50GHz) Germanium waveguide photodiodes, 25Gb/s Mach-Zhender and Micro-ring modulators.

Imec and its associated laboratory at Ghent University offer the platform for passive silicon photonic components via ePIXfab and Europractice IC service. Now, imec extends its silicon photonics offering, using a standard130nm CMOS toolset, with active components such as high-speed optical modulators and integrated germanium photo-detectors.

Imec's silicon photonics 25Gb/s (iSiPP25G) platform supports

  • Tight within-wafer silicon thickness variation 3 < 2.5nm
  • 3-level patterning of 220nm top Si layer (193nm optical lithography)
  • Low loss (2.5dB/cm) strip waveguides
  • High efficiency grating couplers (2.5dB insertion loss)
  • 50GHz Ge photodiode (responsivity ~ 0.5A/W, dark current < 50nA)
  • 25Gb/s MZI (VL=0.95Vcm, =30dB/cm) and MRR modulators
  • Thermo-optic tuner

The first run is now open for registration, with tape-in on 8th of November 2013 and first wafers out in June 2014. Support, registration and design kit access will be organized by imec's services via its Europractice IC service, in collaboration with world-wide MPW partners.