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Micro/Nano Lithography

Stencil software

Infinite Graphics Incorporated (IGI)

The Generate Solderpaste Stencil software program is available as part of Infinite Graphics Incorporated's Phototooling Toolbox, a highly customizable suite of software solutions that function as a general hierarchical editing tool.

Generate Solderpaste Stencil software finds components and/or devices on a circuit board, integrates an assembly house's specifications along with a customer's unique set of design rules and then makes the necessary edits in a highly automated process. The software actually gets "smarter" as the customer uses the program thanks to a component library that tracks each and every project the customer loads into the system, identifying previously encountered components in the next project to speed up the process. Without Generate Solderpaste Stencil, manual edits can take hours or days of expensive engineering time. Thanks to the automation provided by Generate Solderpaste Stencil, it can take seconds for the actual modifications and minutes for review.

A wide range of edits in the package include: automatic home plate, C-shaped and D-shaped pad generation, shifting, shrinking and growing by an amount or percent, heel and toe locking, and independent width and length edits based on original or adjusted pads.

Edits can be set to round all corners on stencil geometry, set gaps for passive pairs, apply multiple edits with a single click, apply the same edits to standard and associated pads and apply a variety of window-pane belly pad edits. The software's supported inputs include: RS-274X, RS-274D, DXF, DWG, GDSII, ODB++ and DPF.