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Lasers & Sources

Multi-Bar diode laser module


DILAS introduces a fiber coupled, multi-bar diode laser module.

This micro-channel-cooled unit is capable of delivering up to 6-kilowatt output at a wavelength mix of 9xxnm through a 1000µm, 0.22NA fiber. The 19-inch rack-mountable unit combines multi-kW fiber-coupled diode laser power with a small footprint and high efficiency, and is designed to meet the requirements for OEM customers and system integrators.

The fiber-coupled, multi-bar diode laser module is designed as a beam source without an integrated power supply and also without a cooling unit, allowing system integrators a deep integration into their machine. The module is equipped with internal electronic sensoric elements which monitor the important parameters like humidity, temperature operating current and other parameters, to ensure safe operation of the unit. In addition, the unit is equipped with a pilot beam for positioning purposes.

Typical applications are cladding, brazing, hardening and heat conduction welding. With its fiber interface based on QD fiber connector, it can be combined with many commercially available processing optics.