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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Spatial light modulator


RealLight introduces their Spatial Light Modulators, which use both translucent and reflective liquid crystal micro-display technology to dynamically modify the amplitude and/or phase of incident light.

These extremely powerful new optical devices individually manipulate each pixel in real-time. Not only is it possible to directly connect PC video/graphics to RL-SLMs in the same way as plug-and-play projectors, but users can also program these dynamic optical elements to behave like gratings, lenses, diffractive optical elements, apertures, masks, information processors and encryptors.

RealLight's spatial light modulators are truly revolutionary devices whose range of applications is only just starting to be explored.

Spatial Light Modulator's Advantages:

  • Available as Phase Only, Amplitude Only and Combined Phase and Amplitude
  • Patented technology for eliminating the Black-matrix effect and phase calibration
  • Software base for design of diffractive optical elements (DOE)
  • Compact
  • Plug-and-play