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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Low noise CCD camera


Andor Technology plc (Andor) has launched their ‘Extended Range, Dual-AR technology' on the iKon-M CCD platform, offering extremely broad and high QE coverage, from ultra violet through to near infrared, in one camera.

Andor's iKon-M 934 series cameras are designed to offer the ultimate in high-sensitivity, low noise performance, ideal for demanding imaging applications. These high resolution 1024 x 1024 CCD cameras boast up to 95% QEmax, high dynamic range, 13 μm pixels and exceptionally low readout noise. The iKon-M benefits from negligible dark current with industry-leading thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C.

The ‘Deep Depletion' sensor option offers ultimate performance for NIR applications, the new Dual AR coating extends the QE performance significantly across the UV/visible region of the spectrum for the broadest possible spectral coverage from one sensor. Fringe Suppression TechnologyTM radically minimizes etaloning effects in the NIR. Rapid vertical shifts combined with fast kinetics acquisition mode, comprehensive trigger modes and custom coated wedge window options, render the deep Depletion models ideal for NIR optimized Bose Einstein Condensation applications.