Plenary Event
Plenary Session II
icon_in-person.svgIn person / Livestream: 10 October 2021 • 15:30 - 16:20 China Standard Time icon_remote-presenter-badge.svg
15:30: Welcome and Opening Remarks

15:35: The UK National Quantum Technology Programme

Peter L. Knight, Blackett Lab., Imperial College London (United Kingdom) and UK National Quantum Technology Strategic Advisory Board for UKRI (United Kingdom)

Abstract: The UK through a mix of government and industry funding has committed more than £1Bn over 10 years to a coordinated programme in quantum technology. Seven years into this programme I will describe here how we got there, and our goals for the future. The UK National Quantum Technology Programme has induced a step change in the UK’s capabilities for pushing forward a new sector in future information technologies. I describe how the programme arose and the activities it supported and influenced to deliver these new capabilities, building on a first phase almost £480M investment across several UK government agencies. The UK programme is now in its second phase, with a further substantial investment by UK government and global industries in the UK making a total of over £1Bn. I will describe our plans for ensuring the advanced quantum science and demonstrator platforms in imaging, sensing, communications and computing developed over the past seven years will drive the formation of the QT sector and embed quantum tech in a broad range of industries.

Biography: Sir Peter Knight is a British physicist, professor of quantum optics and senior research investigator at Imperial College London, and principal of the Kavli Royal Society International Centre. He is a leading academic in the field of quantum optics and is the recipient of several major awards including the Royal Medal from the Royal Society and the Thomas Young Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics. He is a former president of the Institute of Physics and the Optical Society of America, the first non North American-based person to take the position. He is described as "one of the UK’s most influential scientists and leaders of scientific policy" by his peers.

16:05: Question and Answer with Sir Peter Knight