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SPIE Press books opened for your reference.

About Optipedia

Welcome to the newest resource for the optics and photonics community! Optipedia takes pages directly from popular SPIE Press books and links them together to create your open-access resource for trusted optics and photonics information. 

Search for topics using
the above search box (use SEARCH: Optipedia Content), browse with the Optipedia index, or jump from topic to topic using the embedded keyword links within the index. 

With Optipedia, you get:

  • Authoritative technical information from the experts. 
  • Pages linked via keywords.
  • A preview of popular and forthcoming SPIE Press books.
  • New pages posted regularly.
  • More functionality coming soon, including user interactivity!

Optipedia is a new and rapidly evolving project. While the contents are limited now, Optipedia will continue to be filled with great content from the many existing and forthcoming SPIE Press books. 

Take Optipedia for a spin and let us know what you think.  Contact us at optipedia@spie.org and comment on what you see, report problems, and let us know what you'd like to see from Optipedia in the future.