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Personal Subscription Options

The SPIE Digital Library is also available to researchers and scientists on an individual subscription basis. Personal subscription options include downloads of up to 50 or 25 full-text papers from the Digital Library for a period of one year. Personal subscriptions represent a significant savings over single-paper purchases, and SPIE Members save even more.

Personal subscriptions may be purchased online. You will need to provide an e-mail address and, if you are an SPIE Member, your membership number. Once the form is successfully submitted and validated, within minutes you will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions for setting up your account. At that point you may begin using all features of the SPIE Digital Library.

50 downloads / 1-year subscription   
Nonmembers:   $335  SPIE Members: $195  Add To Cart

25 downloads / 1-year subscription   
Nonmembers:   $250  SPIE members: $145  Add To Cart

Note: Student Members, Retired Members, and Members residing in a Special Consideration Country, are eligible for a special subscription rate, and should contact SPIE Customer Service to subscribe to the Digital Library.