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Books by Technology

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Defense and Security (87)

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Field Guide to Infrared Optical Materials
Alan Symmons, Mark Lifshotz
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Modulation Transfer Function in Optical and Electro-Optical Systems, Second Edition
Field Guide to Optical Biosensing
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Photonics Rules of Thumb, Third Edition
Automatic Target Recognition, Fourth Edition
Optical Architectures for Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed-Reality Headsets
Atmospheric Modeling Using PcModWin©/MODTRAN®
LiDAR Technologies and Systems
Member: $85.00
Non-member: $100.00
Sensor and Data Fusion for Intelligent Transportation Systems
High Dynamic Range Imaging: Sensors and Architectures, Second Edition
Field Guide to Atmospheric Optics, Second Edition
Field Guide to Infrared Optics, Materials, and Radiometry
Field Guide to Infrared Systems, Detectors, and FPAs, Third Edition
Antimonide-based Infrared Detectors: A New Perspective
Multispectral Image Fusion and Colorization
Optical Gas Sensing Based on MEMS FTIR Spectrometers
Optical Gas Sensors for Exhaled Breath Analysis
Paula R. Fortes, João F. Petruci, Ivo M. Raimundo, Jr.
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Infrared Antennas and Resonant Structures
Electro-Optical Imaging System Performance, Sixth Edition
Advanced Sensing with Micro-optical Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonators
Getting Started with UAV Imaging Systems: A Radiometric Guide
Mathematical Modeling and Validation in EO System Development
Discrimination of Subsurface Unexploded Ordnance
LADAR Applications for Orbital Debris Removal
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
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