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Information for Book Authors

Your readers are waiting. Publish with SPIE.

SPIE Press invites inquiries and proposals from prospective authors and editors for future publications.

SPIE Press books reach a worldwide professional audience of scientists and engineers in optical, photonic, imaging, and optoelectronic technologies.

The benefits of publishing with SPIE Press include:

  • Wide-reaching promotion to academic and industry professionals
  • High production standards
  • Experienced editorial and production staff
  • Excellent royalties program for authors
  • Contribution to the technical literature in your field
  • Long-term availability and promotion of all titles
  • Inclusion in the SPIE Digital Library eBooks program 

Follow these steps to publish a book with SPIE Press:

1. Submit a book proposal for acceptance.

It's important to develop a proposal before you begin writing. Use these proposal guidelines and submit your proposal.

2. Prepare and submit your manuscript.
If you are writing a Field Guide, use this style sheet.

If you are writing a Tutorial or Monograph book, use these general manuscript guidelines.
If you are writing a Spotlight eBook, use the submission process.

3. Work with the SPIE Press production staff.

The SPIE Press production workflow (PDF).

Questions? Contact books@spie.org.