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Field Guide to Image Processing
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Book Description

Digital imaging is essential to many industries, such as remote sensing, entertainment, defense, and biotechnology, and many processing techniques have been developed over time. This Field Guide serves as a resource for commonly used image-processing concepts and tools; with this foundation, readers will better understand how to apply these tools to various problems encountered in the field. Topics include filtering, time-frequency-domain processing, and image compression, morphology, and restoration.

Book Details

Date Published: 21 March 2012
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9780819490216
Volume: FG25

Table of Contents
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Glossary of Symbols and Acronyms

Random Signals
General Image-Processing System
Simple Image Model
Sampling and Quantization

Spatial Domain
Image Transforms and Spatial-Domain Filtering
Image Scaling and Rotation
Point Processing
Spatial-Domain Convolution Filters
Linear Filters
Gradient Filters
Histogram Processing

Frequency-Domain Filtering
Fourier Transform
Discrete Fourier Transform
Properties of the Fourier Transform
Convolution and Correlation in the Fourier Domain
More Properties of the Fourier Transform
Spectral Density
Properties of the Discrete Fourier Transform
Correlation and Convolution
Circular Convolution and Zero Padding
Matched Filtering
Filtering with the Fourier Transform
Low-Pass and High-Pass Filtering
Spectrum of a Sampled Signal
More Sampling
Spectrum of a Finite Periodic Signal

Image Restoration
Image Restoration
Linear Space-Invariant Degradation
Discrete Formulation
Algebraic Restoration
Motion Blur
Inverse Filtering
Weiner Least-Squares Filtering

Segmentation and Clustering
Image Segmentation and Clustering
Hough Transform

Image Morphology
Image Morphology
Opening and Closing
Hit-and-Miss Transform
Gray-Level Morphology
Training a Structuring Element

Time-Frequency-Domain Processing
Wavelet Transform
Types of Fourier Transform
Basis Wavelet
Continuous Wavelet Transforms
Wavelet Series Expansion
Discrete Wavelet Transform
Subband Coding
Mirror Filter and Scaling Vector
Wavelet Vector and 1D DWT Computation
2D Discrete Wavelet Transform

Image Compression
Data Redundancy
Error-Free Compression
Spatial Redundancy
Differential Encoding Example
Block Truncation Coding: Lossy Compression
Discrete Cosine Transform
JPEG Compression

Equation Summary



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