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Cornell, Roger

Roger Cornell

Metrology Research Engineer Strategic Lithography

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Area of Expertise: semiconductor manufacturing, critical dimension metrology, scanning electron microscope, roughness metrology, big data datamining web application development, pattern fidelity and pattern placement error
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Enjoying the many challenges in the world's greatest miniaturization project of all time - the semiconductor industry.
The CDSEM images I make, allowing detailed observations and measurements of patterns magically imaged by lithography and transferred down through a stack of films by the wizardry of reactive ion etching always hold my interest.
To gage aspects of pattern fidelity including the metrology of roughness and pattern placement error is a focus in my current research. Previous work included backscattered electron imaging applications in CDSEM, CDSEM tool all inclusive data capture, data mining and analysis web based application development, statistical process control methods and improvements on prior methods, and industry adopted metrology tool performance measures and monitors, among others.
My interests include scanning and image formation in SEM, SEM detection methods and efficiency, SEM image analysis algorithm development, and SEM image simulation.
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