Prof. Tao Yang

Senior Electronic Engineer
Yang, Tao
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SPIE Membership: 1.7 years total | 1.0 years voting
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Area of Expertise: Photonic Devices application, JAVA Coding, Algorithm Writing, Electronics circuit design, C/C++ Coding, PCB design
Websites: Personal Website | Personal Website
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Birth: March 17 1969. Post graduated from Shenyang polytechnic university in July 1995. Under graduated from Changchun Institute of Optics and fine Mechanics(CIOM)(Now she is: Changchun University of Science & Technology) in July 1992. From August 7 1995, Senior electronic engineer of Jilin province electric power survey and design institute. Independent. TI expert advisory panel membership(Now), the Royal Society of Chemistry affiliate(2013-2015), SPIE membership(2013). From June 2010, the administrative level-one of P.R. China. From July 2013, the level-one professor of P. R. China. Electronics expert. The SUI's crown prince. Tao Yang's personal website: &


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