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Dr. Shen-En Qian

Senior Scientist and Techniacl Authority
Canadian Space Agency
Fellow Member

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Area of Expertise: Spacecraft optical payloads, Onboard satellite near lossless data comprsssion, Remote sensing, Hyperspectral image processing, Development of international standards for satellite data systems, Optical satellite signal processing
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Dr. Shen-En Qian received his Ph.D. in 1990. He is a top Canadian government scientist and technical authority at the Canadian Space Agency. He provides leadership to industry and academia in promoting Canadian space programs. He is an internationally recognized expert in optical spacecraft payloads, space technologies for satellite missions and deep space exploration, remote sensing, satellite signal processing and enhancement, on-board satellite data compression and data handling. He has 30 years’ experience in these areas. Together with CCSDS (an ISO Technical Committee) members from NASA and the European space sector, he has developed three international standards for spacecraft data systems. These standards have benefited over fifty space missions.

Dr. Qian holds 26 patents worldwide developed in Canadian government laboratory. He is the sole author of two books on satellite signal processing (Optical Satellite Signal Processing and Enhancement; Optical Satellite Data Compression and Implementation) and a co-author of four other books. In collaborating with around 200 rocket scientists at nations’ space agencies (NASA, ESA, CSA, JAXA, etc.) and space companies and PIs at leading universities, he edited a must-have handbook “Optical Payloads for Space Missions”, published by John Wiley & Sons in 2016. He has published 100+ scientific papers and produced 100 unpublished proprietary technical reports.

Dr. Qian is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), a fellow of the International Society of Optics and Photonics Engineering (SPIE), and a Senior Member of IEEE. The Governor General of Canada awarded him the prestigious Canadian national award “Public Service Awards of Excellence" in 2016. He received the 1st prize of the Canadian Government Invention Award, and Marie Curie Award issued by the European Union. He is an Associate Editor of Journal of Applied Remote Sensing. He is an adjunct professor at York University.

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