Dr. Sarma N. Gullapalli

Gullapalli, Sarma N.
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Area of Expertise: Electro-Optics, Systems Engineering, Space Telescopes, Quantum Mechanics, Control Systems, Electrical Engineering
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During working career spanning four decades from 1970 to 2011, contributed to numerous advanced electro-opto-mechanical systems including interferometric Fine Guidance Sensor of Hubble Space Telescope, Metrology for cylindrical mirrors of Chandra X-ray telescope, Prototype cryogenic chopping secondary mirror for Space Infrared Telescope, Solid state Star Trackers, Adaptive optics for atmospheric correction of ground based large telescopes, Deformable mirrors, Wavefront sensors, Wavefront correction, Extensive modeling and simulation, Systems Engineering performance analysis, Error budgets, Focal plane arrays, Remote sensing, Quantum dot sensors, quantum devices. Recognized by NASA for contributions to Hubble Space Telescope, and by other agencies for contributions. A few patents and papers.
After retirement currently pursuing studies of mysteries of quantum mechanics on own time and expense, to resolve issues that were intriguing during working career, such as wave-particle duality.
Also pursuing efforts for justice for all, no one excluded, in Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Tibet, on own time and expense, justiceforallhumanity.com
Education: Graduated with distinction from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, graduate studies at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn leading to PhD in Electrical Engineering. Early work included real time computer systems, message switching systems and seismic signal processing, as well as teaching electrical engineering subjects.

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