Dr. Saptaparna Das

Sr. Optical Engineer at Cymer LLC
Das, Saptaparna
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Area of Expertise: ultrafast spectroscopy in condensed phase and interfaces, characterization of organic and inorganic/hybrid photovoltaics, photo-lithography, optical properties of nanomaterials, triplet photophysics
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Sr. Optical Engineer, Cymer An ASML Company June 2016 – present
- Designing and performing experiments to analysis the optics lifetime for 193 nm light sources
- Designing and developing optical assemblies for 193 nm light sources
- Analyzing the damage for 193 nm optics and developing a new optics damage tester tool.

Postdoctoral Researcher, at University of Pennsylvania Aug 2015-May 2016
- Built a new 2D Electronic and 2D Infrared Spectrometer.
- Performed ultrafast multidimensional dynamics of artificial photosynthetic systems and donor-acceptor type molecules.
- Performed theoretical calculations to estimate electronic and vibrational transitions of various optically-active chromophores.

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Southern California, Advisor: Prof. Stephen Bradforth 2009-2015
- Performed transient absorption measurements to understand the physical reason behind a good/bad device performance of a polymer based organic photovoltaic and hybrid nano-structured photovoltaics.
- Performed time-resolved measurements to optimize the coupling required between two tetracenes to enhance the singlet fission yield in an isolated dimer molecule in the solution.
- Characterized the dynamics behind the generation of intramolecular charge transfer states in mimics of photosynthetic complexes.

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