Dr. Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay

Individual Member | Sr. Principal Scientist at Nevada National Security Site
Mukhopadhyay, Sanjoy
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SPIE Membership: 9.1 years
SPIE Awards: 2020 SPIE Community Champion
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Area of Expertise: Experimental Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Radiation Detection, Neutron counting and multiplicity measurements, Pion absorption on light nuclei, Scintillators and semiconductors for gamma radiation detection
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Profile Summary

• Design and implementation of web application allowing large volume of radiation measurement data exchange from an international platform. Wrote IAEA-published manuals on “International Radiation Monitoring Information System (IRMIS)” and “International Radiological Information Exchange (IRIX)”
• More than twenty-five years of extensive knowledge and research on advanced radiation detectors.
• Experience with radiation safety, shielding and dosimetry
• Experienced in using atmospheric dispersion and transport modeling codes like IMAAC, NARAC, HYSPLIT and HPAC for consequence management purposes.
• Advanced user of position sensitive multi-anode photomultipliers (PS-MA-PMT) & Solid-State Photomultiplier (SSPM) based gamma-ray imager
• Built a prototype neutron fission multiplicity counter using boron-lined STRAW detector
• Built a prototype multi-element neutron energy spectrometer
• Built a prototype portable hand-held gamma spectrometer (using largest commercially available crystal of LaBr3: Ce) with spectral data transmission capability.
• Benchmarked SrI2: Eu2+, CLYC: Ce, CLLB: Ce crystals for gamma and neutron detection and response functions
• Built networked sensor packages that collect radiological data, weather information and send the data over cell phone to a remote command post.
• Built a prototype dual sensor for gamma and neutron using 6Li-glass
• Built a prototype large area plastic scintillator detector for gamma ray measurements in the gross count mode.
• Built a prototype 6LiI: Eu detector for both gamma and thermal neutron measurements with a counter-display system using seven-segment LCD unit.

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