Dr. Radek Sobczynski

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Area of Expertise: lasers, spectroscopy, matlab, chemical physics, R&D, Instrumentation
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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Physical Chemistry - Spectroscopy - Lasers - Energy Transfer
1980 – 1986

Rg* - lasers - Using a compact hybrid design, and a combination of solid state and intracavity plasma, Chemled Technologies, LLC has developed an innovation in atomic lasers. With atomic line width, it is characteristically similar in performance to a standard He-Ne, and is potentially up to 100x more powerful. With passive self-locking, no servo loops or wavelength tuning of optical components, it provides excellent atomic wavelength stability that is insensitive to any changes of electrical current pumping. Visible and Near Infrared wavelengths that are coupled to metastable states of He*, Ne(3P2), Ar(3P2), Kr(3P2), Xe(3P2) and more are available.

EGASC is being developed as an electrocatalytic oxygen generator and mobile aerator for use in coastal marine or inland water environments for physical and/or
electrocatalytic water treatment. Oxygen or hydroxide ions produced by EGASC & introduced into the region of water will inhibit the growth of harmful algae and bacteria thus preventing hypoxia in marine organisms.

Comb wavelength Hadamard Spectrometer for blood glucose monitoring, – USPat. 5,257,086, 5,488,474

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