Nolan Hannah

Inventor/Founder at THOUPA Gen
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Area of Expertise: THOUPA "Generator", Electricity, Electronics, Light Energy, Bosons, Scalable Clean Alternative Green Energy
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I am the inventor of the THOUPA "Generator" Light Driven Prime Mover.

The "Generator" employs Light and Water to create Torque for the powering machinery and equipment.

This is scalable Clean Alternative Green Energy and we ask all what other form of energy is cleaner then Light?

This force generating power plant uses a method that crosses Quantum Physics and Newtonian Mechanics in a way to create a Motor having NO moving parts within its design!

I J. Nolan Hannah, as one can see am deep into the Green Energy grind a solution to Global Energy in exploring Warming issues through the use of Quantum Science in a new way, and I see a future to where most of our cities, transportation, machinery and equipment will all be powered using electricity, an electrically ran global industrial society would truly be clean energy.

This invention U.S. Patent 7,908,862 B2 assigned to my new light driven force generating power plant technology is my small part and efforts to help that the world may become a better place!

Using my technology one would never have the nuclear-energy problems that Japan now is having the THOUPA "Generator" you simply turn the device off and it will cool down. " Its OFF."

Light Drive; this new Light and Water technology has NO Nuclear Waste to store for 1000s of years with no radioactive waste products creating Environmental problems!!!

After all what the Electrical Utilities seek is heat to boil water this is true no mater what fuel source, nuclear, coal, natural gas, geothermal or diesel what is common with these sources is that they all produce hazardous waste products; and all of these fuels are used to produce heat just to boil water.

Heat the ( IR ) range of the electromagnetic spectrum can easily be produced and amplified using controlled electronics.

( IR ) radiation ( bosons ) to where one can control interactions with the charged particles of matter, and take advantage of the stored energy within the molecular bonds of water.

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