Dr. Nikolay A. Artemiev

Research Scientist at KLA Corp
Artemiev, Nikolay A.
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Area of Expertise: Optical metrology, Synchrotron radiation, Femtosecond X-ray source, X-ray optics, Compton back scattering X-ray source
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Profile Summary

Solid background in conventional visible and synchrotron X-ray instrumentation and optics. Creation of complete experimental setups right from scratch.
Extensive experience performing accurate physical measurements.
Large experience with X-ray synchrotron radiation instrumentation and good knowledge hopes and needs of SR scientists and engineers. Have been working at Siberia-I and Siberia-II synchrotron radiation sources in Moscow, at Elettra synchrotron in Trieste, at the ESRF in Grenoble, at BESSY-II in Berlin, and at Synchrotron Soleil in Saclay.
Large experience with ultrafast and ultra intense lasers, pump-probe experiments.
Broad knowledge of optical and X-ray methods of testing mirrors, crystals and crystal surfaces.
Design and development of complete X-ray experimental setups and instrumentation, X-ray sources, optical schemes and diffraction experiments.
Software development for calculation of various physical phenomena, simulation of experiments and experimental data processing. Large experience in calculation of Compton back scattering. Theoretical and practical experience in the field of X-ray crystal and refractive optics. Practical experience in X-ray measurements of crystal structure perfection, orientation, and interferometric control of surface quality.
Comprehensive knowledge of SR and conventional X-ray and optical instrumentation. Practical skill in planning and controlling experiments, collecting and processing data.
Extensive experience with HV and UHV equipment.
Theoretical and practical knowledge of X-ray and laser physics.

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