Salmon, Neil A.

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Dr. Neil A. Salmon

Technology Research & Development Scientist

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Area of Expertise: millimetre waves, security screening, radar, THz, passive, imaging
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My main activity is developing millimetre wave (mmw) novel sensors and systems for commercial exploitation in the aerospace and security sectors. Recent innovations are mmw quantum technologies of the second kind (exploiting entangled states) and investigating medical applications associated with the human skin.

In 2012 I joined the ‘Imaging and Sensing’ group at Manchester Metropolitan University as a Reader, to research mmw polarimetric radar and radiometric imagers for screening people for concealed weapons and develop & teach an undergraduate BSc physics course. Prior to this I was Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester developing and teaching the ‘Radio Imaging and Sensing’ MSc course.

From 1994 to 2001 with UK universities and industry I pioneered all-weather imagers for air, sea & land platforms at DRA (UK MOD agency) becoming a Principal Scientific Officer. QinetiQ emerged from the privatisation where I remained until 2011, a QinetiQ Fellow, developing mmw aperture synthesis imagers to research satellite-based earth observation and personnel security screening, with scene simulation tools. In a 2-year Royal Society Fellowship to Manchester University I demonstrated a number of proof-of-concept near-field aperture synthesis imagers.

In years 1984-90 I developed mmw diagnostics to research major nuclear fusion plasma instabilities in the JET tokamak (an experiment on a no-carbon energy source), gaining a PhD from Imperial College Plasma Physics group. In the following 4-years at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, I developed a suite of mmw diagnostics to research temperature phenomena in the ASDEX-Upgrade tokamak.

During 1978-84 I completed a first degree in Physics with Astrophysics at Leeds University, the following year taking an MSc in Lasers and their Applications from Essex University, enabling me to develop optical and acoustic technology for defence at Plessey Electronics Systems Research (now Roke Manor Research).
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