Kamanina, Natalia Vladimirovna

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Prof. Natalia Vladimirovna Kamanina

Head of Lab Photophysics of Media w/ Nanoobjects
SI Vavilov State Optical Institute

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Area of Expertise: nanostructures, fullerenes, nanotubes, laser-matter interraction, coatings, liquid crystals
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Dr. Sci. Natalia Vladimirovna Kamanina – Leader of the team, head of the Laboratory. She will coordinate the job of the team, participate at all experiments and analyze the data.
Dr.Sci. N.V. Kamanina has current interest in the areas of investigations on organic conjugated materials, liquid crystals, inorganic soft materials of the UV and IR range, in particular, their interactions with laser irradiation, fullerenes and biological objects. She has an experience in nanoparticles doping process of organics, in recording of amplitude-phase thin gratings in thin films as well as in developing of LC cells and spatial light modulators; she has an experience in optical limiting effect of laser radiation over visible and infrared spectral ranges, in medical applications of LC structures to orient human blood cell. She has published more than 170 scientific papers in the International and Russian journals, certificated by 7 Russian Patents.

In parallel of her scientific activity, she has been lecturing from 2001. She is a Professor of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (“LETI”), a Professor of the St. Petersburg Technical University (“IFMO”). She was a supervisor for 10 Masters Degree Students, including a Chinese student. At present time she is a supervisor for a 3 post-graduate students (from “LETI” and “ITMO”).

Invited speaker to give the seminar "Nonlinear optical study of fullerene-doped conjugated organic systems" in Molecular Quantum Photonics lab. (Chief is Prof. J.Zyss; May 2002, Cachan, France), “Photophysics of fullerene-doped nanomaterials: diffractive elements, LC switchers, etc.” (Chief is Dr.Game Grote, March 2005, Air Force Lab, Dayton, USA), the chief of the International Nanotechnology session organized in the framework of MMT conference (2010, Israel), etc...
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