Sahraei, Nasim

Nasim Sahraei

Postgradutae Researcher

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Area of Expertise: Light scattering, Thin-film silicon solar cells, Optical characterization, MATLAB, Material science, Semiconductors
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I am a final year PhD student in National University of Singapore (ECE department). My PhD research goal has been obtaining an optimized surface structure for aluminum induced textured (AIT) glasses for efficient light scattering into thin-film silicon solar cells. I have used scattering theories to model the scattering behavior of the randomly textured AIT glass surface and used a-Si:H based solar cell as a test vehicle to show the effectiveness of the textured surface for light scattering by simulation and experiment.

I am from materials science background (M.Sc. 2007) and have been working on multidisciplinary projects on fabrication process, characterization and simulation of of materials and devices. I have been working in Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore since 2011 on projects related to thin-film photovoltaics.

I am interested in working on multidisciplinary projects. I prefer to work on projects that gives me a good insight and experience on green energy technologies.
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