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Multisoft Systems

Multisoft Systems

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Area of Expertise: BootCamp Training, Campus Training, Classroom Training, Online Training, Corporate Training
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Multisoft Systems is an accredited training partner of leading IT companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, RedHat, Siemens, PTC, Autodesk and also offer certification courses of these firms. Multisoft provides certifications that are recognised at the global level. All the programs are guided by experienced mentors who are able to motivate the students through their industry knowledge and experience. A wide variety of courses from the IT and Management fields with curriculum mapped to industry standards are available. The student can choose Industrial Training from domains such as MBA, CS/IT, Electronics and Communication and different Engineering streams. Project Management, VLSI, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Cloud Computing and Mobility are just some of the latest technological skills and learning areas.

The methodology of training is learning anytime-anywhere-on any device (android-IOS-windows) through a Learning Management System (LMS). Different types of training programs are held, each with its own set of distinct advantages. These are classroom training, corporate training, campus training, bootcamp training and online training. Training has been organised into modules and is project-based. Student evaluation is done through mock tests. 24x7 access to study material from the LMS is provided to each student. Each individual’s progress is tracked on a real-time basis.

To ensure a bright future students are prepared for interviews and placement assistance services are provided. Overall feedback from the students on the nature of the training services provided by Multisoft Systems is very positive.
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