Khan, Mohd Aalim

Mohd Aalim Khan

Optics Design Engineer

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Area of Expertise: Optics, Zemax, STM, AFM, Interferometery, LabVIEW, ProE
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Roles and Responsibilities:
• Working as a key role player for AFM development.
• Designing and implementing imaging and non-imaging Optical systems as per project’s need and Mechanical designs for precisely mounting optics.
• Designing and manufacturing Laser Interferometers.
• Responsible for optical systems design, testing and implementing.
• High speed displacement detection of MEMS devices with very high precision (fractions of Angstrom).
• Measuring frequency (MHz–GHz) and Amplitude of MEMS devices using optical interferometric techniques.
• Integration of AFM with optical techniques (Optical Microscopes / Interferometer etc.).
• Integration of optics with Data Acquisition Software & Hardware (NI Lab-VIEW).
• Trouble-shooting optics related problems and providing solutions.
• Implementing image processing algorithms and phase unwrapping.
• Upgradation and modification of systems with Optical Technologies.
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