Lin, Lanlan Sgwendolyn Winifret

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Prof. Lanlan Sgwendolyn Winifret Lin

Unhackneyed Professor
Institute of Physics

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Area of Expertise: condensed matter physics, magnetic GMR multilayers neutron diffraction, superfluidity superconductors quasicrystals, optical quantum non-linear laser photonic crystals, biophysical biochemistry hemoglobin myoglobin, nanotubes nanowires nanocages
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I have indagated into the biophysics at Wake Forest University, neutron diffraction at Iowa State University, nanostrucural nanocage at University of Washington as senior post-doctor from 2000 to 2004. I was awarded the Ph. D degree at IOP, CAS, Beijing, China in 2000, bachelor degree at Univ.of Scien and Techno of China at Hefei, China in 1995.
(1)Magnetics, interface optical photonic laser, low-T superfluidity superconductors condensed matter physics research work of quantum photonic integrated nanostructural multichannel AsPSnIn and SiO2 CDF, LED, spontanous emission of the Lamb shift at GaInAsP,SiO2/CdS,TiO2,C60,W,CdSe,ZnO,Ag-SiO2,opal,¾Û±½ÒÒÏ©, quantum entanglement state and information, cascaded multistaged multimode sissors, micropumps, microgears, optical delay lines, and dynamical near-field optical imaging algorithem physics.
(2)High resolution neutron and x-ray diffraction indagations, SEM, TEM, STM, AFM, MFM, ARPES, LEED, PPMS, EDS, TDA, HRTEM, RAMAN, CVD analysis of colossal magnetocaloric and mgnetostrictive compounds R5(SixGe1-x)4 (R=Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Eu...)s, NiMnGa, CoNiGa, NiFeGa, high spin molecular magnets Mn12, Fe8, V15, Fe17.
(3) Transcendently strongly correlated superconductors, spin-glass and superfluxicity at the ultra-low temperature: PrLaCeCuO, Na2Rb0.5Cs0.5C60, (TMTSF)2PF6 (BETS)2GaCl4, (BEDO-TTF)2ReO4H2O, ReNi2B2C(RE=Ho, Er, Lu, Y, Tm), RuSr2(Gd,Eu,Sm)Cu2O8, UNi2Al3 , Na(Sr)xCoO2, CuxTiSe2, LuFe2O4, MgTi2O4, TiBaCaCuO, LiNbO2, NdCeCuO, SrCu2(BO3)2, SmGdAl2, LaCuNiAl, Upt3, CuZrAl, CuIr2S4, Pb2Ru2O6.5, K0.3MoO3 etc., quasicrystals AlCuFe, AlPdMn, AlPdRe, AlCuCoSi, AlNiCoGe,....;
(4) Magnetic GMR multilayers NiFe/Cu/NiFe/FeMn/Ta spin valve, sensors, read head, magnetic disk.
(5) Biophysical biochemical sickle cell hemoglobin myoglobin react with hydroxyurea, hydroxylamine, SGC,Roboneuclear, haptoglobin, histidine, PCA, PCAD, catalase, glucase, PTIO, Hepes etc..
(6) Strongly-rolling multiwall carbon nanowire CdTl,HgSe,AgSe,La2O3,
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