Kuldeep Saxena

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Area of Expertise: Optical Designer, Optical Engineering Manager, Project/ Program Manager -Electro Optics Products
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Engineering and Management experience in optics based products (Imaging and non-imaging) for precision and commercial applications.

• M.Sc.(Physics), India, 1980
• M.Tech. (Applied Optics); India , 1983.

In-depth knowledge in designing, integrating and testing of optics based products & instruments for space & commercial applications (harsh environments, high reliability, high performance, high-level precision technology). This includes electro-optics instruments for Earth Observation, Attitude sensors for satellites, and optoelectronic based optical sensors and input devices for consumer electronic products. Products are made for the UV, visible and infrared wavelength region.
Lead/Manage cross-functional teams of Optical, Electrical, Mechanical, Firmware, Test, Operations, etc. from initial concept to high volume production. Meet product performance & quality goals, safety/compliance regulatory requirements, product cost, schedule, and development budget. Business strategies to commercialize the optics based products. Provide customized innovative solutions. Develop vendors in area of sensors, plastic/glass optics, optical coating on lenses and photodiode die level, optics design house, IC design house etc. Lead advance technology/program. Prepare road maps, Gantt chart, budget planning etc. Support cross functional personnel of contract manufacturer, sales, marketing, finance etc. Provide inputs for RFQ/design solutions. Generate product specifications.

Few development works to highlight:
Electro-Optical systems for remote sensing imaging camera/telescopes, star sensor, and earth sensors etc.for space applications.
Optical Sensors for detecting Printing media, Ambient light, Barcode sensor, Invisible ink, computing input devices, Mouse, Yarn motion, Proximity detection, Floor navigation, Optical touch and fingerprinting etc. for hand held devices or computers.
Illumination Optic

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