Hashimoto, Koji

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Koji Hashimoto

General Manager
KIOXIA Corporation

Area of Expertise: Lithography, Metrilogy and Inspection, Semiconductor memory processes, Semiconductor memory device
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Koji Hashimoto received an MS degree in electric engineering from Kyusyu Univ. in 1988. After joining to Toshiba Corp., he worked on the development of 0.25um DRAM device with Fujio Masuoka (Inventor of Flash memory) and phase-shift mask in the ULSI Research Ctr. From 1993, he worked on the lithography development in the DRAM development project with IBM & Siemens at IBM East Fishkill. From 1996, he worked on the lithography development for high-end devices (Flash, DRAM, CMOS, SRAM, Sensors) at the Process & Manufacturing Engineering Ctr. From 2009, for Group Manager, he led lithography development for 2D NAND Flash, and from 2013, for Director, he managed the lithography, dry etching and other unit process development for 3D Memory in the Advanced Memory Development Ctr. From 2017, for General Manager in Process Technology R&D Ctr. at Toshiba Memory Corp. (TMC), he has been managed R&D of all unit processes related to new memories. TMC was changed the name to KIOXIA Corp. on Oct 1.
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