Greivenkamp, John E.

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Prof. John E. Greivenkamp

Wyant College of Optical Sciences
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Area of Expertise: Interferometry and optical testing of aspheric surfaces, ophthalmic and visual optics, ophthalmic instrumentation and measurements, optical system design, optical metrology systems, history of optical instruments
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I have been a professor at the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona for more than 25 years. I teach Geometrical Optics, which for many of our students is their first exposure to a formal course in optics. I take great pride in sharing my excitement about our field and even greater pleasure in watching our students grow in their own enthusiasm.

I am honored to have been awarded the 2017 SPIE Educator Award.

I serve as series editor for the SPIE Field Guides, and I authored the first book in the series, Field Guide to Geometrical Optics. This is the first book in the popular SPIE Field Guide series and presents the material in a new fashion; not a textbook, but just the figures, equations and a few concepts and definitions that you will need on a day to day basis. I continue as the editor of the Field Guide series.

I have also developed a passion for the history of optics. I am the founder and curator of the Museum of Optics at the College of Optical Sciences. The earliest pieces in the museum date to the 1600s. The museum now has over 1000 items including telescopes, spyglasses, microscopes, magnifiers and of course a few cameras. I find it fascinating to see the evolution of these instruments, both in technology and materials. The next time you are in Tucson, please stop by for a visit.. You can also view some of the collection at

I have had the privilege of serving on a number of SPIE leadership committees. In addition to two terms on the SPIE Board of Directors, I have also served on the Publications, Symposium, Education, Strategic Planning, Scholarship and Awards Committees. I have chaired several of these, including most recently the Publications Committee.
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