Irene W. Pang

Individual Member | Optical Engineer
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SPIE Membership: 22.8 years total | 14.8 years voting
Area of Expertise: Optical Analysis, Gamma Imaging Techniques in Medicine, Optical Testing, Imaging Devices, Spectrometers, Lasers
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Various types of optical instruments are the main thread. Most recently, this entailed participation in the design, analysis, and test of a one-up Fourier Transform Spectrometer, which included the review of historical similar instruments for space and upper atmosphere applications. Commercial Fourier Transform spectrometers were also re-configured and used during the course of this work. Grating-type spectroradiometers and associated equipment were also calibrated and used for aircraft display applications, particularly to test for compliance with requirements for inter-operability with electro-optic Night Vision equipment. Frequently, this work involved the specification, test, and use of interference filters, absorption filters, and beamsplitters. Spectral range included UV to Far Infrared. For this work, the principles of optical design, optical test, spectral analysis, radiometry, and sensor performance were frequently applied.
Academic work involved gamma ray detection and imaging equipment with dedicated electronics built from the ground up into a one-of-a-kind 3 or 4-dimensional tomographic (volumetric) large-scale imaging system. This included the procurement, assembly, integration, test planning, repair, and maintenance of the imaging system from commercially available or manufacturable parts, motion machinery, and computing devices. Test planning and performance included geometrical analysis, creation of custom fixtures and test pieces, calibration, and computationally intensive data analysis with algorithmic adjustments. Final data was frequently presented with visualization in mind. Several 1st author and co-author papers arose from this phase of academic work.
Separately, my first in-depth introduction to laser development was through a series of internships regarding diode-pumped solid state lasers.

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