Dr. Hari P. Paudel

Physical scientist, Engineer at Georgia State Univ
Paudel, Hari P.
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Area of Expertise: Light matter interaction
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The excitation of the free electron-hole pairs in nanostructures of different materials can lead to interesting physical applications. In the nanostructures, this is particularly interesting because of the large surface to volume ratio. Exploiting this intriguing effect, I have developed a model for light control plasmon switching using hybrid metal-semiconductor nanostructures. Our switch is 1000 times faster than current electronic switches.
I also have developed the model of the quantum dot for the application of quantum memory and quantum information processing using 3D topological insulator materials. In this model, information is stored in electron-hole polarization which also acts as a single qubit. When such quantum dot is embedded inside a cavity, the single-photon Faraday rotation provides the possibility to implement optically mediated quantum teleportation and quantum information processing. Due to the high surface conductivity, 3D topological insulator materials are the potential candidates for the detectors, sensors and quantum devices. I also have worked on a solar cell enhancement and water splitting technology by exploiting the free electron-hole pairs generation in the semiconductor. Currently, I am working on the device engineering using 2D layered materials.

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