Dr. Hamid Farrokhi

Research and Design Engineer at Wellman Ctr for Photomedicine
Farrokhi, Hamid
SPIE Membership: 3.0 years total | 0.0 years voting
Area of Expertise: laser-matter interaction, quantitative phase imaging, in vivo biomedical microscopy , laser additive manufacturing
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Profile Summary

Dr. Hamid Farrokhi is working as Research and Design engineer in the Wellman Center for Photomedicine and as Research Associate in Harvard Medical School. His position involves the engineering of novel medical in vivo microscopy devices, including the design, fabrication, validation and manufacturing of optics, electronics, mechanics and system integration to create completed medical device prototypes.

Research Interests
1. Laser-matter (tissue) interaction.
2. Laser micromachining and nanofabrication.
3. Quantitative phase imaging
4. in vivo biomedical microscopy

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