Dr. Gil Moretto

Scientist at Ctr de Recherche Astronomique de Lyon
Moretto, Gil
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Area of Expertise: Astronomical Instrumentations and Telescopes
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Dr. Moretto is a Senior Scientist at CNRS/France and expert in the R&D for novel astronomical instrumentation development. He has contributed to the projects development and now under construction: DKIST a 4m off-axis mirror solar telescope and the GMT 6x8.4m off-axis mirrors telescope. Currently working on novel telescope optimised for the exoplanets and biosignatures detection: ELF (Exo-Life Finder) Telescope (https://www.planets.life/telescopes). Dr. Moretto is also the PI for the French/ANR funded Live-Mirror project: Hybrid Dynamic Structures for Optical-Quality Surfaces Shape Control. An interdisciplinary (CRAL/CNRS/Lyon, INSA/Lyon, ATRC/IFA/UHawaii) technology for creating extremely lightweight diffraction-limited 3D printable meta-material-based optical mirrors with exceptional optical quality spectacularly lower cost and production time. He is also one of co founders of PLANETS Foundation (https://www.planets.life).

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