Dr. Eugene Edwards

Rocket Scientist/Engineer at Research/Development/Engineering (Retired)
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Dr. Edwards is a retired Engineer/Rocket Science Developer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a need for STEM educated professionals; however, most of the students (especially disadvantaged students) who considered a college major in STEM areas change over to other fields of studies. The disadvantaged students generally change fields because they need to be exposed (at an early age) to STEM activities (including, successful STEM mentors/professionals/personnel previously from disadvantaged communities). Dr. Edwards started the non-profit Save The Youth Inc that consistantly needs donations for laboratory configuration, rudimentary equipment, audio/video apparatus, virtual/computer capabilities, and laboratory mechanisms. There are countless traditionally underserved youth (including minorities and girls) that are targeted to benefit from this unique STEM program. The key objectives and implementation plan for this program are to provide the participants with the successful STEM mentors/professionals that previously grew up in disadvantaged communities; implement and expose youth to laboratory environments; and build self-esteem/STEM interest. The project description and overall approach focus on also addressing the issues negatively impacting opportunities for underserved youth to potentially become STEM professionals (including Rocket Scientists).
Support for SPIE's Dr. Edwards' program can be done via:
Save The Youth Inc
211 North 19th Street
Bessemer, AL 35020
or send text to (205)243-0357

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