Borel-Donohue, Christoph C.

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Dr. Christoph C. Borel-Donohue

Remote Sensing Scientist/Electronics Engineer
US Army Research Lab
Senior Member

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Area of Expertise: Hyper-spectral and multi-spectral imaging, Thermal remote sensing, Microwave remote sensing, Image Processing, Scene simulation, Computer Graphics
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* Undergraduate and graduate studies at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. Award for best Diploma thesis on speech analysis.
* PhD in EE from University of Massachusetts in Amherst on millimeter wave remote sensing.
* Post-doc and staffmember at Los Alamos National Lab working in Earth observation, nuclear non-proliferation and passive chemical gas plume sensing.
* Industrial experience as a senior technical manager and researcher working at Ball Aerospace on persistent surveillance.
* Academic experience as a associate research professor at Air Force Institute of Technology working on overhead persistent infrared, gamma ray spectroscopy mapping, human gait analysis. Government experience as distinguished fellow, government overhire and full-time employee at DOD research laboratory .

Over 40 years of experience in optical and microwave remote sensing, imaging and algorithm development with over 100 publications.

* Developed temperature emissivity retrieval method ARTEMISS for LWIR.
* Developed atmospheric correction algorithms APDA for water vapor retrieval in the NIR.
* Performed end-to-end processing for thermal data for a multispectral sensor to retrieve water temperature.
* Calibration and processing of imaging Fourier transform spectrometers.
* Developed sub-pixel target tracking algorithms using higher order statistical moments.

Current interests are:
AI/ML, object detection, synthetic image generation for training deep CNN, military simulations scripting Arma3/VBS3, visual localization in urban terrain when GPS is degraded or denied, computer vision, gaming engine agent based applications for AI/ML, simulation of complex systems using Netlogo, LIDAR point cloud processing, procedural scene generation, video processing and analysis, activity recognition, 3D reconstruction from UAV imagery, autonomous navigation using video of ground and air vehicles.

Programming languages:
OpenCV, Python, C#, Processing, Unity 3d

Clearances: TS/SCI

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