Chinni, Bhargava

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Bhargava Chinni

Research Associate
Univ of Rochester Medical Ctr

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Area of Expertise: Image Processing, Photoacoustic Imaging, Ultrasound, Prostate Cancer, Computed Tomography, Acoustic lens
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I have been working in Photoacoustic and Ultrasound imaging laboratory as a Research Associate in the Department of Imaging Sciences at University of Rochester since 2009. I have obtained my Masters in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology with specialization in Medical imaging and signal processing. Prior to earning my Master’s, I have completed Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Anna University in India in 2006. My research interests are medical imaging, computer vision, computed tomography, pattern recognition, signal, image and video processing and instrumentation design and development. I have designed hand-held imaging device prototypes for in-vivo, in-vitro and ex-vivo photoacoustic imaging. I have played a key role in the development of photoacoustic imaging system designs using acoustic lens technology. The acoustic lens enhances the image quality by correcting for loss of lateral image resolution. While this can also be achieved by electronic focusing, the acoustic lens is faster, and does not produce errors. The acoustic lens with a two dimensional ultrasound array will enable to obtain real time coronal plane images. I have investigated more than 150 surgically removed human specimens like prostate, thyroid and kidney using the developed photoacoustic device. I compared the results of the photoacoustic images to the histopathology for ground truth and was successful in classifying cancer from the normal tissue at high rate of sensitivity and specificity with our photoacoustic device. I am currently working on developing molecular imaging agents to detect the cancer at an early stage. I am also working on integrating ultrasound into the existing photoacoustic probe to accurately locate the cancer and guide biopsy.
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