Dr. Angeliki Tserepi

Director of Research
National Ctr for Scientific Research Demokritos

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Area of Expertise: microfluidics, surface engineering, plasma processing, Lab-on-chip, wetting properties, (bio)microsystems
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Dr. Angeliki Tserepi is Director of Research A at the Institute of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-NCSR “Demokritos”. She received the B.Sc. Degree in Physics from the Univ. of Athens, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Ohio State University, USA, respectively. She held a Post-Doctoral (“Marie Curie”) European Fellowship at the University Joseph Fourier of Grenoble, France (1994-1996), and at the Institute of Microelectronics (IMEL)–NCSR "Demokritos", Greece (1996-1997). Since 1997, she is with INN (former IMEL) working on the development of microfluidic and Lab-on-a-chip (LoC) devices for food safety and medical diagnostics. Her interests and work also includes plasma-enabled surface engineering for control of wettability, biomolecule immobilization and cell attachment, and its implementation in microfluidic and Lab-on-a-chip devices.
She was the 2013 Chair of SPIE Microtechnologies “BioMEMS and Medical Microdevices” Conference, co-chair for Micro and Nano Engineering Conference (2008), in the organizing committees of Eurosensors (2011), Micro & Nano (2007) and MinaSens workshop (2013), regular program committee member of μTAS, MNE, and SPIE “BioMEMS and Medical Microdevices” conferences, and Guest Editor of two Special Issues. She has received several honors including two scholarships from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation, a European “Marie-Curie” fellowship, and the 2nd award in the Innovation Contest of the Hellenic Federation of Industries. She was project coordinator or team leader in several national and European projects. She is the author or co-author of 10 patents and more than 110 publications in peer-reviewed journals (h-index 32, citations >3390), and co-founder of a spin-off company.
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