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Paper 11965-14

Trends and recent developments in ultrafast lasers for non-linear microscopy

23 January 2022 • 4:30 PM - 4:45 PM PST | Room 303 (Level 3 South)


Multiphoton microscopy is used in diverse branches of biology. While its main applications are related to neuroscience, cancer and stem cell research take advantage of this imaging technique. In addition, the push to use multi-photon imaging for clinical and even diagnostic applications is gaining momentum both on the research and commercial front. This broad range of applications requires diverse types of femtosecond laser sources - compact, dedicated and portable on one side, and flexible and very high-performance on the opposite end. In this talk we will discuss recent developments in laser technology addressing these various requirements.


Coherent, Inc. (United States)
Marco Arrigoni is a graduate of Politecnico di Milano (Italy). He has been with Coherent since 1988 where he covered various position in R&D, sales, product management and strategic marketing. He is currently the director of segment marketing for scientific and defense applications.
Coherent, Inc. (United States)
Darryl McCoy
Coherent, Inc. (United Kingdom)