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Paper 11953-50

Temperature compensation of FBG sensors via sensor packaging approach for harsh environment applications


. In this study, a novel design of temperature compensated FBG sensor package, manufacturing of polyimide coated FBG sensors and finally montaging of the manufactured FBG sensors to the corresponding package is presented. In addition, designed package has been tested under discrete and continuous loading conditions. Obtained results showed that, with the designed package it is possible to measure the strain change in terms of sensing capability of 1.2 micro strain (με) up to 80℃.


Bursa Technical Univ. (Turkey), Turkish Aerospace Industry (Turkey)
My self is a system test engineer who have worked optics and optical sensors for years, both theoretically and practically. After long time consistent hard work I have designed, developed and manufactured a FBG based temperature compensated sensor package which can be easily use in variety of applications.
Bursa Technical Univ. (Turkey), Turkish Aerospace Industry (Turkey)
Bursa Technical Univ. (Turkey)