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Paper 11953-4

Review on progress in fiber photonics for innovative applications


Review of the progress in fiber solutions for innovative applications in 0.3-16µm range, including multispectral diagnostics & process-control, new cables for IR-lasers, IR-fiber imaging, etc. The innovative combi-fiber probes enable multi-spectral analysis with data fusion from: Fluo+ Raman, Fluo+Mid ATR-absorption spectra and other combinations – to enhance tumor margin detection and more precise process-control to be done in iCloud. The 1st dual wavelength sensor coupled with Combi-Fluo/ATR-absorption probe - to replace expensive research spectrometers for customized applications, starting the spectral IoT sensor family. Multiwavelength QCL-sensor made with 7xQC-Lasers combined by Mid IR-fiber bundle into the arthroscopy probe with side ATR-tip enables to detect osteoarthritis in cartilage. Comparison of 5 types IR-fibers: Polycrystalline AgClBr, Hollow Waveguides & based on AsS-, GeO- & Fluoride glasses will be done to navigate end-users for an optimal choice in their applications


art photonics GmbH (Germany)
Dr. Viacheslav Artyushenko was born on 02.01.1954 in Stalingrad, Russia, and got his PhD in physics in 1981 at General Physics Institute in Moscow – focused on his pioneering development of polycrystalline fibres for Mid IR-range (3-18µm). He has publishes multiple papers & patents on fibre technologies & applications in laser medicine, spectroscopy, optical sensing & diagnostics. Since 1987 he has chared several SPIE conferences on Infrared Fiber Optics and Laser Medicine. In 1998 he has founded art photonics GmbH in Berlin ( – to develop and produce specialty fiber products for various applications. Now art photonics is one of worldwide leaders in unique fiber optic solutions for a broad spectral range: 0.3-16µm, - specially, for Mid InfraRed, - including many EU & German projects successfully realized with R&D & industrial partners. V.Artyushenko is a member of SPIE, OSA, SAS, EPIC, Optec-BB, CPACT, Spectaris, CLIRSPEC, etc.
art photonics GmbH (Germany)