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Paper 12001-46

Relaxed InGaN platelets enabling red-emitting nanoLEDs

Room 152 (Upper Mezzanine South)


The large lattice mis-match between red-emitting active layers, with at least 35% indium in the QWs, and the GaN substrate still limits the efficiencies to very low values, typically <5%. We propose to use seeding techniques originally developed for nanowire growth, to seed the formation of ternary InGaN pyramids later converted into thin c-facet platelets of InGaN. The top-facet of each such template is on the scale 300nm to 1µm, thus better described as template for nanoLEDs. These can either be used as single nanoLED for a pixel or as an array of such nanoLEDs, constituting a complete microLED pixel.


Lars Samuelson
Lund Univ. (Sweden)
Lars Samuelson got his PhD in Physics in Lund 1977 then post-doc at IBM. In 1986 he became Professor at Chalmers/Göteborg University and in 1988 at Lund University, then initiating the research center NanoLund, engaging more than 300 scientists. He has recently taken on a 50% position as a Distinguished Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), in Shenzhen, China. He is since 2006 a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Physics) and of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences since 2007. Lars Samuelson is the Founder and Chief Scientist of four start-up companies engaged in commercialization of nanowire and nanomaterials technologies, in QuNano AB, Sol Voltaics AB, Glo AB and Hexagem AB. Samuelson is the author of well over 700 articles (h-index 86, Web-of-Science, listed in the top 1% highly cited researchers by Web-of-Science), and has given >300 plenary/invited talks at international conferences and workshops.
Lars Samuelson
Lund Univ. (Sweden)