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Paper 11953-30

Plasmonic terahertz imaging and spectroscopy systems


In this talk, I will give an overview of the unique applications of terahertz waves for chemical identification, material characterization, biomedical sensing and diagnostics and describe the state of the existing terahertz imaging and sensing technologies and their limitations. I will introduce a game changing technology that enables high performance, low cost, and compact terahertz spectroscopy and imaging systems for various applications. More specifically, I will introduce plasmonic terahertz imaging and spectroscopy systems, which offer several orders of magnitude higher signal-to-noise ratio levels compared to the state of the art.


UCLA Samueli School of Engineering (United States)
Mona Jarrahi is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCLA and the Director of the Terahertz Electronics Laboratory. Her research is focused on the development of ultrafast electronic and optoelectronic devices and integrated systems for terahertz, infrared, and millimeter-wave sensing, imaging, computing, and communication systems by utilizing novel materials, nanostructures, and quantum well structures as well as innovative plasmonic and optical concepts.
UCLA Samueli School of Engineering (United States)