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Paper 11953-8

Optical nanomaterials for rapid disease diagnostics and brain modulation



The Univ. of Texas at Dallas (United States)
Zhenpeng Qin is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering at the University of Texas at Dallas, a founding member of the Center for Advanced Pain Studies, and an adjunct faculty of Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Qin lab focuses on developing new nanotechnologies to better understand and treat diseases in the nervous system, and develop highly sensitive and multiplexed methods for infectious disease diagnostics. Dr. Qin has received numerous awards including NIH MIRA/R35 award for early-stage investigators for his pioneering work on the development of molecular hyperthermia to optically control protein activity, DOD/CDMRP Discovery Award, Collaborative Sciences Award and Research Leaders Academy from American Heart Association (AHA), CPRIT Individual Research Award, and Faculty Research Award from UT Dallas Jonsson School. His lab has received generous support from NSF, NIH, DOD/CDMRP, AHA, and CPRIT.
The Univ. of Texas at Dallas (United States)