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Paper 11991-602

Lenses beyond limits: sculpting photons at the molecular scale for global health and sustainability (Hot Topics)

24 January 2022 • 5:25 PM - 5:45 PM PST | Room 207/215 (Level 2 South)


We present a new platform for sensitive molecular detection and control spanning 1) multiplexed genetic and proteomic screening, 2) single-cellular bacterial identification and drug susceptibility testing, and 3) chiral molecular synthesis and separation, based on high-quality-factor phase gradient metasurfaces. The high-quality factor of our metasurfaces produces a large amplification of the electromagnetic field, increasing the response to targeted binding of biomarkers. Simultaneously, the optical signal is beam-steered for multiplexed detection. We develop these metasurfaces for a new respiratory panel of SARS-CoV-2, RSV, and influenza; Raman-based identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing of pathogens; and sensitive identification and purification of chiral molecules including amino acids and small-molecule pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.


Jennifer A. Dionne
Stanford Univ. (United States)
Jennifer Dionne is the Senior Associate Vice Provost of Research Platforms and an associate professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. Her research develops nanophotonic methods to observe and control chemical and biological processes as they unfold with nanometer scale resolution, emphasizing critical challenges in global health and sustainability. Her work has been recognized with the Alan T. Waterman Award, a NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, and a Moore Inventor Fellowship, and was featured on Oprah’s list of “50 Things that will make you say ‘Wow’!”.
Jennifer A. Dionne
Stanford Univ. (United States)