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Paper 12021-37

Investigation of astigmatism in tapered edge-emitting diode amplifiers at 980 nm


Tapered diode amplifiers feature an intrinsic astigmatism for vertical and horizontal beam axis. Additionally, the magnitude of astigmatism changes for different device working points. This work investigates the optical behaviour of tapered diode structures at different states of operation by means of an advanced theoretical model. It focuses on devices at an emission wavelength of 980 nm and a tapered section length of 4 mm. The theoretical model is based on a beam propagation method which is coupled to a thermal and an electrical model. The simulation outcomes are necessary for an advanced understanding of experimental outcomes.


Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (Germany)
Philipp Hildenstein was born in Coburg, Germany, in 1993. He received the master's degree in technical physics from the Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany, in 2018. He is with the Ferdinand-Braun- Institut, Berlin, which he joined in 2018 as a PhD student. His research interests include the development of hybrid integrated micro modules with focus on beam combining techniques and frequency conversion. Additionally, he is involved in studies on microscopic analysis of thermal impact to laser diode functionalities.
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (Germany)
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (Germany)