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Paper 12001-81

Impact of Professor Isamu Akasaki on the nitride semiconductor research in Europe


In 1989, after the first development of p-n junction in GaN-based blue LEDs by Professor Isamu Akasaki many researchers in Europe received GaN samples from him and started to investigate the optical, electrical and structural properties of group-III nitrides. This was an important step to form the first excellent centers for research in the European community. I met Prof. Isamu Akasaki the first time during the Nagoya workshop in 1995. This workshop highlighted the nitride semiconductors compared to the ZnSe competitor at these times. After this meeting and the MRS symposium of nitrides 1996 Prof. Akasaki was one of the driving forces and spirits to establish the international conference of nitride semiconductors. 2000 he founded in Nogoya the international workshop of group – III nitrides. In my talk I will review the impact of Prof. Akasaki on the nitride research in Europe.


Technische Univ. Berlin (Germany)
Technische Univ. Berlin (Germany)