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Paper 11953-15

High sensitivity D-shaped photonic crystal fiber plasmonic refractive index sensor


In this work, we design and numerically analyze a D-shaped photonic crystal fiber (PCF) plasmonic sensor based on metallic grating. The influence of the geometrical and optical parameters of the metallic grating on the performance of the proposed plasmonic refractive index sensor are thoroughly investigated considering several metals and grating configurations. The metallic grating is placed over the polished surface and gold and silver are used for this purpose. The sensitivity of the sensor and the resonant wavelength can be tuned by judiciously adjusting the grating parameters: shape, thickness, width and period. The proposed sensor exhibits excellent sensing characteristics and can be applied for several real time and fast response applications such as biological, biochemical and environmental sensing..


Escola Politécnica da Univ. Federal da Bahia (Brazil)
V. F. Rodríguez-Esquerre was born in Peru, on February 04, 1973. He received the B.S. degree in electronic engineering from the University Antenor Orrego UPAO, Trujillo, Peru, in 1994, revalidated as Electrical Engineer by the Federal University of Minas Gerais UFMG in 2009, and the M.Sc. and the Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering in 1998 and 2003, respectively, from the University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was a post-doctoral research fellow at Prof. Masanori Koshiba's Group at the Division of Media and Network Technologies, Hokkaido University, Japan from 2003 until 2005 and he also was a post-doctoral research fellow at the at the Department of Microwaves and Optics, Unicamp, Brasil from 2005 until February 2006. He was also a Senior Researcher at Prof. Zhaowei Liu's Group at The University of California San Diego in 2015 and 2020
Escola Politécnica da Univ. Federal da Bahia (Brazil)
Escola Politécnica da Univ. Federal da Bahia (Brazil)