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Conference 11937 > Paper 11937-33
Paper 11937-33

Handheld dual-axis confocal microscopy for neurosurgical guidance: developing a second-generation prototype


The recent FDA approval of 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA)/protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) for fluorescence-guided resection of gliomas has significantly improved surgeons’ ability to identify and remove bulk high-grade tumors using widefield imaging. However, the limited sensitivity of widefield fluorescence imaging makes it challenging to identify regions of sparse and low fluorophore accumulation, such as in low-grade gliomas and at the diffuse margins of all gliomas. Here we describe several improvements on a handheld confocal microscope designed to detect sparse PpIX fluorescence in vivo, with the goal of providing a quantitative method to guide glioma resections.


Univ. of Washington (United States)
Kevin Bishop is a PhD student in the Molecular Biophotonics Lab led by Prof. Jonathan Liu at the University of Washington, Seattle. There, he is part of a project developing a handheld confocal microscope for neurosurgical guidance. He is also working on novel light-sheet microscope architectures optimized for cleared-tissue imaging and 3D pathology. Prior to coming to Seattle, Kevin was a research technician in Prof. Samuel Achilefu’s lab at Washington University in St. Louis working on thermal and fluorescent strategies for cancer detection and imaging, and previously worked in Prof. Guillermo Tearney’s lab at Massachusetts General Hospital on optical coherence tomography.
Univ. of Washington (United States)
Adam K Glaser
Univ of Washington (United States)
Univ. of Washington (United States)