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Industry Initiatives for the Commercial Quantum Infrastructure
icon_in-person.svgIn person: 25 January 2022 • 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM PST | Moscone Center, South, Quantum Hub Stage, Hall A Lobby (Exhibit Level) 
The use of quantum phenomena for everyday applications such as computing, communications and security is advancing towards the commercial marketplace. As these technologies evolve, the need to build a supporting ecosystem is a critical requirement to ensure the successful transition of quantum-based technologies into the industrial sector. The development of a robust supply chain, a qualified workforce and comprehensive standards are just a few of the essential components that need to be realized. Industry initiatives around the world have launched to meet these and other needs required for the successful deployment of quantum technologies. Come hear leading experts from around the world share the industry initiatives in their regions. Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion to encourage audience engagement. This is your opportunity to learn from these leaders in the field about the potential, gaps and challenges to commercializing a promising technology.

2:00 PM
Introductory Remarks

Jay Lowell
Jay Lowell
Senior Technical Fellow
Boeing Research and Technology Disruptive Computing & Networks (United States)
Jay Lowell is a Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Engineer for Boeing’s Disruptive Computing & Networks organization, which is leveraging core technologies in quantum communications, computing and sensing, high-performance computing, and advanced networking to develop computing and communications solutions for advanced commercial and government aerospace applications.

2:10 PM
QED-C: Enabling and Growing the Quantum Industry

Celia Merzbacher
Celia Merzbacher
QED-C Executive Director
SRI International (United States)
The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) is a consortium of stakeholders from across the innovation ecosystem, including suppliers, hardware and software system developers, end users and others. QED-C provides a broad industry perspective to the U.S. government as input to policies and investments related to quantum information science and technology. QED-C is identifying use cases for quantum-based technologies and developing strategies and roadmaps to address gaps in enabling technologies, standards and metrics, and workforce. The consortium supports collaboration among partners with a shared values from around the world.

Dr. Celia Merzbacher is the Executive Director of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), which is supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and more than 170 industry, academic and other members and is managed by SRI International. She advises several US quantum research centers.

2:25 PM
QuIC: European Industries Join Forces to Champion Quantum Technologies

Thierry Botter
Thierry Botter
Executive Director
European Quantum Industry Consortium
Quantum technologies represent a new frontier of economic growth. In Europe, over 7 billion Euros in public funding has been allocated to accelerate the development of a strong quantum industry. The business forces of Europe, from large enterprises to startups, came together in 2021 to form an industry association with the mission of further boosting the economic development of the quantum industry. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the association, its mission, and core undertakings.

Dr. Thierry Botter is Executive Director of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), an industry association aimed at supporting the European commercial quantum solutions. He was previously deputy-Chief of Airbus’ central research & technology (CRT) organization and head of Airbus Blue Sky, a research department focused on transformative technologies. Dr. Botter also served as a member of the first strategic advisory board for the European Commission’s Quantum Technologies Flagship. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and Master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2:40 PM
QSTAR: Creating Quantum Technology Based New Industries and Businesses

Taro Shimada
Taro Shimada
Senior Vice President Chief Digital Officer
Toshiba Corporation (Japan)
The quantum age is now approaching and expectations are growing worldwide for the realization of safe, secure lifestyles and a better society. Japan aims to position itself as a quantum technology innovation-oriented nation, and to create new industries through services that leverage its strengths in materials, devices, measuring technologies, computers and communications, simulations and other technologies. Q-STAR will contribute to this with global leadership in the promotion of activities that advance science and technology in this new era, and by promoting Japanese industry and strengthening international competitiveness.

Taro Shimada joined Toshiba in October 2018 as Corporate Digital Business Chief Strategy Officer. In April 2019 he was appointed Chief Digital Officer, responsible for supporting Toshiba’s digital transformation and spearheading strategic business creation and promotion. An expert in Factory Automation, he has advised many of Japan’s leading global manufacturers on digitization, and is currently an advisor to the Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative, and to the IoT Acceleration Lab. Mr. Shimada is a graduate of Konan University. He relaxes by playing the drums, and enjoys all genres of music.

2:55 PM
The UK's Place in the Global Quantum Technology Industry: a View from UKQuantum (the Voice of UK Quantum)

Richard Murray
Richard Murray
Co-Founder and CEO
ORCA Computing (United Kingdom)
Some 8 years since the UK announced the world’s first national quantum technology programme and word has gotten out. Nowdays, every country with half a physicist has now announced their intention to ‘lead the world in the second quantum revolution’. How does the UK fare in the future quantum industry? In this new crowded market of quantum-ambitious countries, we should consider how to intelligently understand how the pieces fit together within a future, globally connected quantum economy. Richard Murray will elaborate on the work the UKQuantum- the voice of the UK quantum industry and how it is looking to help.

Richard Murray is one of Europe’s foremost experts in the commercialisation of quantum technologies. Richard started and led Innovate UK's activities in quantum technologies: a £32 million innovation programme. Richard's work focused on driving forward a greater understanding of this new sector within business and government, and in creating a UK and European environment which helped companies to prosper. He acted as the 'spokesperson for industry' at the very early stages of the €1Bn EU quantum technologies flagship, and at the UK industry challenge fund for quantum technologies. Richard possesses a rich track record of translating science into real products and services by managing cutting edge scientific teams to deliver results and building sales pipelines to sell early-stage technologies.

3:10 PM
Panel Discussion on Industry Initiatives for the Commercial Quantum Infrastructure

Jay Lowell, Boeing Research and Technology Disruptive Computing & Networks (United States)

Celia Merzbacher, SRI International (United States)
Thierry Botter, European Quantum Industry Consortium
Taro Shimada, Toshiba Corporation (Japan)
Richard Murray, ORCA Computing (United Kingdom)