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Industry Event
From Consumer to Space, 3D Sensing Adoption is Accelerating
26 January 2022 • 3:00 PM - 4:45 PM PST | Moscone North/South, Expo Stage, Hall DE (Exhibit Level) 
3D sensing and in particular LiDAR sensor can be used in a wide variety of applications from consumer to automotive and space with a large diversity of ASP ranging from a few dollars to several millions of dollars.

This presentation will give an overview of LiDAR applications from consumer to space with a focus on newest applications related to industrial, logistics, robotic, and automotive. A focus will be given on automotive applications with technology roadmaps and insights on software and computing related to LiDAR.

3:00 PM
Introduction from the Chair

Pierrick Boulay
Pierrick Boulay
Senior Analyst at
Yole Développement (France)

Each speaker will have a 15-minute presentation. A panel discussion will follow with questions from the chair and audience.

3:15 PM
Adaptive LiDAR: Key to Advancing Autonomy

Luis Dussan
Luis Dussan
Founder and CTO
AEye (United States)

From today’s iphone to tomorrow’s rockets and the cars in-between, LiDAR will be everywhere. But when it comes to safety applications, there is a high bar for adoption. The toughest corner cases - situations where an autonomous vehicle has difficulty addressing or identifying an object or circumstance (think: A black tire on the road, when raining, on a dark night) - must be solved to advance to higher levels of autonomy. The only way to address these cases is through an adaptive LiDAR, one that brings intelligence into data collection, and enables the LiDAR to be as dynamic as the environment it’s assessing.

3:30 PM
Solid-State Beam Steering for Automotive LiDAR

Pierre Olivier
Pierre Olivier
LeddarTech (Canada)

The unique ADAS and AD solutions from LeddarTech enable automotive LiDAR makers to develop the next generation of sensors with accurate, highly reliable solid-state beam steering with an agile field of view and re-configuration capabilities. Solid-State Beam Steering can be seamlessly integrated into an existing LiDAR to expand the field of view while maintaining high resolution. The technology solves a critical industry challenge, allowing LiDAR manufacturers, Tier1/2s and system integrators to maximize the performance of their offerings.

3:45 PM
Meta-Lidar: The Sensor Technology That Makes AR/VR Experiences Real

Gleb Akselrod
Gleb Akselrod
CTO and Founder
Lumotive (United States)

Virtual and augmented reality gadgets need to map surrounding, locate objects and track gestures to create surreal and engaging experiences. And, to be ubiquitous, they need to do so over larger spaces in bright outdoor conditions using as few as possible tiny, low-cost and low-power sensors. Join this talk to see how Lumotive’s Meta-Lidar technology makes it possible with a single sensor — making AR/R experiences real.

4:00 PM

Yannick K. Lize
Yannick K. Lize
VP Research & Development
Baraja (United States)

4:15 PM
Panel Discussion on Consumer to Space, 3D Sensing Adoption is Accelerating

Pierrick Boulay, Yole Développement (France)

Gleb Akselrod, Lumotive (United States)
Luis Dussan, AEye (United States)
Yannick K. Lize, Baraja (United States)
Pierre Olivier, LeddarTech (Canada)